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The Coast is Clear – Vice x GRBC

Life by the coast is something a lot of Aussies take for granted. Whether it’s by the beach or a river, water is part of growing up here. Alongside VICE AUSTRALIA, we have created a two-part documentary series that follows people with genuine passion for the ocean.

In Ep I, ‘ Drop Out, Drop By’, Northern Rivers free surfer and artist Kahu Andronicus shows us his studio and catches up with pro surfer and surfboard shaper Kai Ellice-Flint to talk about the unique culture of longboarding.

In Ep. 2, ‘Get Low to Get High’ we look under the surface of Freediving with Adam Stern, one of the best freedivers in the world.

Holding his breath and swimming to unreal depths, Adam knows what it means to push himself to the limits. In this episode, we explore what it takes to become a champion freediver and what Aussies are doing in our nation’s great waters.

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