A Shed Series

Our “A Shed Series”, available only at Gage Roads Freo. Everchanging and fresh from tap to tank. Check out what’s pouring today!

Shore Break
West Coast Pilsner

Shore Break

Brewed with noble hops and pilsner malt this west coast crusher delivers moreish bitterness. What makes it special? We dry hoped the brew with punchy US hops giving it a citrus and pine character. This Pilsner is set to be a crowder pleaser, for sure.

West Ende
Belgian Witbier

West Ende

Taking inspiration from some frothers across the pond, this spicy, citrusy brew is named after one of Belgium’s favourite surf spots, Westende. A wit beer, brewed with pale malts and TONNES of wheat. Expect notes of sweet orange peel, coriander and chamomile flowers. Pouring golden amber in colour and at cruisy 4.4% abv.

Coral Coast
Strawberry & Melon Sour

Coral Coast

Refreshing and moreish this sour was built with strawberry puree and watermelon juice. Pale malt paired with a touch of wheat provides a balanced mouthfeel. Strawberry packs the first punch to the taste buds, followed by watermelon on the back end, serving up a gentle sourness.

Brewers' Free Run #3
English IPL

Brewers’ Free Run #3

Patrick’s India Pale Lager delivers a crisp, refreshing base with firm bitterness. Serving hop notes of mango, passionfruit and pineapple. Pouring light and bright at a tasty 5.6% abv.

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