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Livin’ the Dream with OG Free Surfer Brenden “Margo” Margieson

Brenden “Margo” Margieson is a surfing pioneer. Dubbed by many as the world’s best ever free surfer, he was one of the first to tread that path. Travelling the world hunting waves, Margo’s power and style was featured in dozens of iconic surf films including The Green Iguana, The Sons of Fun and more.   

Margo is a proud member of the Gage Roads surf team. He joined us on our Livin’ the Dream podcast for a chat that went far and wide. Click here for the full ep on Spotify, and take a squiz below for the show highlights.

How it all started in WA

“It’s pretty amazing to think that thirty years ago, this was my first opportunity to go on a paid surf trip by Billabong, for a surf movie by Jack McCoy called Green Iguana. We were fortunate enough to get really good waves. I pulled into a couple of big barrels at the time, right in front of Jack, and all of a sudden it was one of the biggest surf movies of its time and created a path for me to where I am today.”

Choosing free surfing

“It wasn’t a difficult decision at the time. I was so young at the time, I was 19… I was a humble country kid and getting picked up by Billabong at the time and doing that surf trip. I was so stoked to just get free clothes. I didn’t have time to think about the contest thing, once I did that trip to WA, three weeks later I was on another trip, and then another trip, and then another one.”

Desire to travel

“It was a great opportunity back then to mix with the locals of wherever you’re at. Back then, we didn’t have phones, so you’d spend the time travelling, eating, looking around the area you’re in and being more absorbed in that local environment and learning. That’s the best thing about travel is learning and meeting new people.”

Keeping it fun

“Believe it or not, it’s probably more fun now because I don’t do it as much. In the early days, when I was travelling non-stop around the world jet setting, I used to take it for granted. Now when the time comes, I appreciate coming back to a place like Western Australia and I haven’t been here for 20 years… it makes it so much more exciting.”

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