Pinky’s Sunset
Pink Lady Cider

Pinky’s Sunset


Like a classic Pinky's sunset this cider brings golden juicy vibes, brewed with real homegrown Pink Lady apple juice for that real apple taste. Crisp and refreshingly tart, with lower sugar for just the right amount of sweetness. Vegan friendly and gluten free.


Available in 330mL cans and on tap.

Stay golden

Listen to…

Sunset Lover, Petit Biscuit

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Fish and chips

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Watching the sun set on a hot summer's night
When you’ve got the world’s best apple on your doorstep, you have to use it to create a delicious and local cider. Pinky’s Sunset is all about balancing great flavours. It’s crisp, tart and sweet, while super refreshing. Great all year round, I’ll be enjoying a few when looking for a change-up from beer, or when I’m craving that sweet tangy taste that we all love in a great cider.
Ross Brown
Head Brewer

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The brew journey

This cider is all about heroing our home state – inspired by one of our favourite Rotto bays, Pinky’s Beach; and brewed with real Pink Lady apple juice (did you know that Pink Lady apples were first developed in WA in 1974?!), from a local orchard down in Manjimup.