We’re stoked that Side Track All Day XPA has taken GOLD at the 2021 Australian International Beer Awards.

All up, we took home nine medals – with Pipe Dreams, Single Fin, Little Dove and Rock Dance all on the podium.

AIBA is the largest annual beer competition in the world, attracting more than 2600 entries from more than 400 breweries in 26 countries.

Side Track is a beer best paired with care-free days. It’s the ideal go to frothy for moments of refreshment, on days where time just gets away from you. It’s jam packed with aromas of fresh citrus, tropical fruit and a hint of pine. There’s a light malt base for smooth body and crisp bitterness for extreme drinkability with no compromise on flavour.

“I’m really excited about the depth of flavour we’ve been able to achieve with Side Track. It has such a pronounced, fresh aroma and we’ve been able to tread that fine line of balance. You wouldn’t know it was a mid-strength unless you looked at the can,” says our head brewer Ross Brown.