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200 cartons for 200 hospo mates!

Thanks to everyone who nominated a mate for our ‘100 cartons for 100 hospo mates’ giveaway.

We know it’s a hard time for a lot of you, and we’re especially thinking of all our mates in hospo. We’re working on a few different ways to help out but this was something we could do right now – hook you up with a beer!

Our plan was to give away 100 cartons to 100 people who have recently lost their gig. We know it doesn’t replace a job, but we hoped a drink on us was a little way to show we care.

Within 24 hours of the giveaway going live, we’d received nearly 4000 nominations. The response was truly heart-warming. What a community!

After seeing the absolute mountain of responses and reading your stories, we wanted to do more. So the team at Gage Roads pulled together to fund another 100 cartons off their own back.

So that’s now 200 cartons going out to 200 hospo mates! Thanks again to everyone who got involved and nominated a mate. We hope it puts a smile on your dial. Cheers!

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