Today we take you to a place nestled in the mid-west of WA; a land of rugged beauty, incredible contrasts and framed by the meandering lower reaches of the Murchison River. The Murchison River Gorge is located a whisker under 600 clicks north of Perth and is almost entirely contained within the Kalbarri National Park. This majestic landscape has been sculpted by mother nature’s hand over millions of years, weaving its way for a breathtaking 80km and plunging to depths in excess of 129m. With it’s sandstone cliffs, rugged terrain and rolling sand plains setting a somewhat dramatic tone, this vast wonderland is also a geologist’s paradise encrusted with fossils of eurypterids (imagine a sea scorpion) and various other hard to pronounce science things.

Once more we enlisted our very own bush tucker man, Jack Searls (the guy behind Noap Studio) and his band of merry men to endure a four day hike giving us a glimpse into mother nature’s very own soul. Here’s what it looked like.

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